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Art Academy

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Art Camps 


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June 6-9, 10am-12:30pm

Sculpture Explorers

Explore diverse materials such as clay, paper mache, wire and tape sculptures, found objects, assemblage 3D projects. Each session allows for hands-on exploration and encourages imagination, creativity, decision making, and artistic expression. DAY 1: PAPER MACHE CREATIONS - Introduction to paper mache and its versatility in sculpting. - Campers create their own paper mache pieces: bowls and an animal sculpture using strips of newspaper, glue, and other materials with guidance from instructor. - Students will let air dry their creations, and will paint them on Day 4 of camp. DAY 2: CLAY SCULPTING - Demostration of basic clay sculpting techniques and tools - Campers create their own small-scale clay sculptures (e.g. animals, objects) using their imagination, and reference pictures. DAY 3: WIRE, NEWSPAPER AND MASKING TAPE SCULPTURES - Intro to masking tape sculptures as a unique art form - Creating a "skeleton" with wire to support the sculpture. - Campers create their own masking tape sculptures (3D form of an animal or plant) using scissors, cardboard, newspaper, wood sticks, wire, and more. DAY 4: FOUND OBJECT ASSEMBLAGE - Intro to found object assemblage and its artistic possibilities - Repurposing materials and environmental awareness - Campers will bring collected found objects from home (e.g. twigs, shells, fabric scraps, discarded old toys, old magazines, broken objects, recycled materials) - Using their collected objects, campers will create unique assemblage sculptures, combining their creativity and inspiration from the great masters of assemblage like Jasper Johns and Picasso. - Students use the last 30 minutes to paint their paper mache creations made on DAY1.

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June 13-16, 10am-12:30pm

Colorful Brushstrokes

Participants will learn various painting techniques (watercolor, pastel, acrylics) and genres (still life, landscape, abstract) through a series of small size projects. This camp encourages artistic development, self expression, and the joy of creting art. DAY 1: INTRO TO PAINTING TECHNIQUES - Welcome, introduction to the camp and ice-breaking activities. - Intro to different painting techniques (e.g. brush strokes, blending, washes) - Demonstration of basic techniques and tips for handling paint and brushes. - Campers create their own small-scale paintings, experimenting different techniques. DAY 2: STILL LIFE PAINTING - Intro to still life painting and its importance in art - Discussion on composition, lighting, and perspective. - Discussion and revision of famous painters who did still life art - Campers will do their own "Still life set up" using props provided by CATAPULT. - Campers will create their own still life painting, capturing the essence of objects using their chosen painting techniques, with guidance from instructor. DAY 3: LANDSCAPE PAINTING - Intro to landscape painting and its connection to nature and emotions - Discussion on color theory and creating depth and atmospheric perspective in landscapes - Campers will explore different landscape scenes by famous artists like Van Gogh, Monet and Constable. - Campers will create their own landscape paintings, focusing on color, perspective and texture. DAY 4: CREATIVE EXPRESSION AND FREESTYLE PAINTING - Intro to abstract and expressive painting - Discussion on the power of imagination and personal expression in art - Campers are encouraged to experiment and let their creativity flow freely. They will create their own freestyle painting using their chosen technique. - Campers will practice dripping technique and have lots of fun with it. No worries, the mess will be left here!

June 20-23, 10am-12:30pm

Art Quest

Discover the magic of mixed media art. Explore different painting and sculpting techniques. Experiment with textures like fabric, paper, found objects, and create vibrant collages using cutouts. Create 2D and 3D artworks combining different materials. DAY 1: COLORS AND TEXTURES - Welcome, ice-breaking activities to get to know each other - Intro to mixed media art and its possibilities. - Revision of elements of design and its importance on a work of art - Exploration of different painting techniques - Campers will create collage artworks using cutouts, magazine clippings, recycled materials and paint. DAY 2: SCULPTURES - Discovering the world of three-dimensional art. - Exploring the art of assemblage and creating mixed media sculptures using wire, paper mache, masking tape, cardboard, and found objects. DAY 3: PRINTMAKING AND STENCILING - Intro to printmaking techniques (monoprint and stamping) - Designing and carving custom stamps with foam. - Experimenting with different printing surfaces, including paper and fabric. - Use of stencils to create vibrant layered artworks. DAY 4: Mixed media canvas and collage - Discussion on: What is art? - Revision of famous mixed media artworks. - Creating a mixed media masterpiece on canvas incorporating different materials and techniques : plaster art, painting, collage, stenciling. - Exploring different themes and subjects for individual expression.

For above Summer Camps:
Sculpture Explores
Colorful Brushstrokes
Art Quest


Run Tue-Fri 10am-12:30pm

Age 5-13 years old

Cost $200 per week

Supplies included


A snack (please no nuts)

Snack break at 11:15am

A bottle of water

Clothes you don't mind getting stained 


Music Summer Camps for Kids
Music Summer Camps for Kids

June 19-23 (Monday-Friday)

Choose one session
AM Session: 
PM Session: 1-3:30pm  (updated time)

6-13 years olds / 
Cost $250 


Music for beginners

This beginner music camp will emphasize learning notes and rhythms through repetition on a full keyboard, friendly music games, applause and karaoke. Students will learn using the Pronto method that guarantees learning at a faster pace. Course materials included in tuition. About the instructor, Cynthia Lara: Mrs. Lara holds a Bachelor in Music Education from Texas Lutheran College. She has been leading the Sweetgrass Del Webb choir for the past six years. Cynthia has 20 years of experience instructing music privately to young students. Something she loves about teaching music to kids: "It is rewarding to help students gain lifelong music skills."

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