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Art Academy


Catapult Academy

Catapult Students' Art Competition

Join us on Saturday April 6th, 2024  on Morton Street.

Winners will be announced on the outdoor stage on Morton Street at 1pm.  Winners will receive a certificate on the stage.

Afterwards (1:15pm) we'll go to Catapult Gallery Academy's ART ROOM to take pics and deliver the prizes to the winners: 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and Mayor's Choice Award.

Please note the city's art festival  "Art in the Bend" will happen on this day. Morton Street will be closed with vendors. Follow the signs for public parking for the event. 


Catapult Gallery Academy Students Art Show

Students Art Show
Spring 2024

Join us on the afternoon of Friday May 31st  to the "Spring Students Art Exhibit"to celebrate our kids students' accomplishments.

Students will do a brief presentation, we'll deliver certificates indicating the level they accomplished. Afterwards will have a reception to celebrate with them. 


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