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Catapult Gallery exhibits, promotes and sells artwork of visual artists whose work informs, inspires and challenges the public to see the world anew. It provides the opportunities to develop meaningful interactions between artists, art collectors and community audiences through shows and educational events.


Our team can assist you to start or expand your art collection. For aspiring collectors, we provide consultations tailored to your preferences. We’ll introduce you to a curated selection of artworks, thoughtfully chosen to resonate with your inclinations and taste. For seasoned collectors, we offer expert advice to enhance your existing collection.  Contact us and schedule a consultation today.

On view

"Transformations and

Group Exhibit

In this invitational group show,  artists from diverse backgrounds and perspectives come together to explore the myriad ways in which transformation shapes our world, whether on a personal, societal, or environmental scale.  Change is an inevitable force and a constant companion that oblige us to adapt and re-invent ourselves.  


Kevin Lopez

Peter Broz

Daniel Esquivel 

Charles Weiss

Nathan Beard

 Jennifer Greenwell

Venessa Monokian

Armando Rodriguez

Johnny Rojas

Jon Seals

Thomas Avinger

Carmen Flores



210 Morton St. Richmond, TX 77469


Tue-Sat 10am-2pm and by appointment
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