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Nathan Beard

These paintings represent a pursuit of equilibrium with the forces of nature, capturing moments of tranquility and stillness that often go unnoticed. Nathan Beard’s inspiration for these works comes from both unspoiled wilderness and from brief moments of beauty in urban retention ponds and modified natural spaces.  Nathan’s works are focused on the interaction of surface and depth. Plant-life emerges as a prominent character in this series, symbolizing the resilience and interconnectedness of all living beings. The foliage on the pond’s edge is also a testament to nature's relentless cycles, echoing our own journey of growth, transformation, and renewal. 

Nathan Beard resides in St. Petersburg FL. He’s an assistant curator and faculty member at Dunedin Fine Art Cente. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Colorado State University, 2001.

Visual artist Nathan Beard
painting by Nathan Beard at Catapult Gallery
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