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Johnny Rojas

Rojas’ sculpture explores the symbolism in red heels. In movies and media, red heels are often used to signify transformation and dramatic change. This cinematic representation has influenced the cultural perception of red heels as symbols of transition. His piece references the "Wizard of Oz". Dorothy's red slippers in the in this  film are not heels per se, but they are a famous example of footwear symbolizing transformation.


Johnny Rojas studied at Los Angeles and Houston Community Colleges for Graphic Design and Visual Communications. A self-taught artist in metal and clay sculpturing for over 20 years. His public commissioned sculptures are on display in different organizations in the Houston area. Rojas is an ongoing judge for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, School Art Committee. Johnny is also constantly helping the young in his community through the arts by mentoring at risk youth in sculpture.

Johnny Rojas at his studio
Jonny Rojas Art at CATAPULT Gallery
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