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Discover Art in the City: Cullen Sculpture Garden

CATAPULT's staff, our students and their families visited the Cullen Sculpture Garden at the Museum Fine Arts Houston. This activity was a total success. Together, we explored the awe-inspiring sculptures and enjoyed a nice picnic afterwards. It was a fantastic opportunity for kids and adults alike to deepen their appreciation for art and spend quality time together.

It was a beautiful day in Houston. We enjoyed strolling through the mature trees and the surrounding nature.  We learned about famous sculptors like Rodin, Maillol, Mattisse,  Anish Kappoor, Alejandro Otero, Bourdelle, Pietro Consagra, Joseph Havel and Miró. 

After the tour, students did a sketch of their favorite sculpture.  A couple of squirrels posed as models too!

Thanks to all the parents who attended this activity because we really enjoyed sharing our love for ART with you.

Photo by Crystal Saito
Sculpture by Bourdelle, Cullen Sculpture Garden
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